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I love a good before and after video!  Over the course of two to three weeks, we see drastic changes in each dog that we work with.  From pulling us out the front door to sitting calmly beside us.  Bouncing all over the house to laying politely in place.  I hope these videos give you hope!  It is possible to go from out of control to calm and polite.

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why hire me?

I am just like you. I was searching for answers. Desperate to figure out how I could gain control of my dog.

I came very close to bringing Theo back to the shelter after adopting him at 2 months old. He was growling at us and I was terrified he would grow into an aggressive dog.

I made the decision to see it through and trained myself by watching videos.

I fully trained him with the e collar and today he is polite with a dash of wild in his eyes. I don’t mind the combo. I take him to parks where he chases his favorite ball off leash and I feel more connected with him than ever, because of the training.

I want this for you!

how we can work together

2 week training

​During this time your dog will become fully e collar trained, which can lead to off leash fun!

3 week training

You will get a chance to work with the e collar! This has proven to be the most tricky part to show owners.


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