The Reactive Dog Handbook


So many owners struggle with reactivity.  It is the number one thing I work on with virtual and in-person training clients.  I wanted to write this book to inspire owners to live life with their reactive dogs in a whole new way. To go from hopeless to empowered! This book is filled with 107 pages of information and inspiration to help you navigate life with your dog. You are not alone on this reactive journey. There are so many of us right there with you.

Included in this e book:

  • Why is my dog reactive?
  • We dive into the importance of Relationship and State Of Mind
  • A section dedicated to the walk
  • How to prepare for an outing
  • Detailed description of how I work through the reactivity
  • Action steps to help you enjoy walks again
  • Daily schedule swaps based on your mood and FAQ
  • Empowering insight for you as a reactive dog owner and so much more!

This guide is full of advice for owners of reactive dogs, but please note that the tips specifically for walking a reactive dog assumes your dog is already conditioned to the E Collar.  If that is new to you and your dog, I recommend starting with the E Collar Starter Guide first.



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