Walking Dog Owner Bundle


This bundle includes all three of our ebooks, 230 pages of content, and insight that will leave you feeling empowered and confident. It’s not easy having a challenging dog, but the information in these books will help you turn your struggle into a strength. The E Collar Starter Guide gives you the step-by-step process to start E Collar training along with insight along the way to help you feel reassured that you’re moving in the right direction. I’ve also added a video guide in the back with links to give you that extra bit of help you may need along the way.

The Reactive Dog Handbook will help you take E Collar training to the next level on your walks. From FAQ to details about how to use the E Collar on your walks, this handbook will help you enjoy walks again with your dog.

The Go Home Workbook is what I send to owners that I work with personally. It’s the workbook I wish I had when I first got into this training with my dog, and it’s a great addition to our Walking Dog Owner Bundle.

I hope these ebooks inspire you! Tag us over at @walkingdogtraining to let us know how it’s going. Cheers!

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