prong collars 101

Jul 26, 2018Dog Training Tips

Prong collars look a little scary, but when used properly can have a big impact with your dog.

Where should I buy them? I purchase mine at under the Herm Sprenger section. This is a particular kind of collar that has smoother prongs than your average pet store version.

Why do some refer to it as a “pinch collar”? When taking the collar off of your dog, you have to “pinch” the prongs to disconnect it and “pinch” it again to put it back on.

What I love most about this tool is that it gives even pressure.

There is no pinching or pricking your dog. You apply pressure to communicate what you want (walking nicely next to you :: give some pressure to bring them into position :: loose leash when they walk next to you) and what you don’t want. If you are giving constant pressure, something is wrong. We want momentary pressure and then none at all when they are doing what we want.

There are two sizes: 2.25 and 3.0. I like to use the smaller one with most dogs. Pups with longer hair get the bigger collar.

Hope this helps!


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