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i am a balanced trainer

I use different tools to help me communicate with dogs.

A balanced approach helps us work with all kinds of dogs; fearful, energetic and aggressive.

My Board and Train Programs involves an intimate understanding of your dog’s natural and individual history.

During this time your dog will become fully e collar trained, which will lead to off-leash fun as well as a happy & calm life with your dog!

about me

Hey! I’m Bethany Johnson, calm dog enthusiast…

Training dogs is my passion and I can thank my third dog, Theo for that. He was a terror…

I was tired of feeling helpless and stressed out every time I came home, so I decided to do something about that.

Today, Theo is a sweet and fun dog.

what others are raving about

“Walking Dog Training changed our lives. Balanced, permission-based dog training is the way to go. Learning from Bethany has been so much fun, and her skills are exceptional. She trains each dog with individuality, not a one-size-fits-all. Bethany will set your dog up for success in any situation, but she also sets her “people” clients up for success; giving you all the tools you need for a smooth transition home, post B&T. We LOVE our dogs, but they became unruly, and we decided it was time for a change of lifestyle. Because of Walking Dog Training, we now lead them and live happier, calmer, safer lives. Bethany’s B&T program was the BEST decision we ever made for them.”
Jessica Hoffman,

There are not enough words to express the fabulousness of Bethany and Walking Dog Training!! She trained all three of my dogs and because of her I can bring them all to work with me. Not only that, I can walk ALL THREE of them around the neighborhood with no fear that they are going to be reactive or aggressive. Bethany worked wonders with all of them and their various issues! I am especially thrilled with the progress made by my Sparky. I had NO idea that I would ever be able to relax and know that even when the doorbell rings he will stay in place. Bethany’s openness and honesty is a breath of fresh air and the fact that I was able to follow their progress on Instagram and have my questions answered quickly was lovely. I have recommended Walking Dog Training to friends and even people I have met in Pet Smart (because they noticed how great my dogs behaved). I have had nothing but positive experiences, during the training and even still. I am so happy I decided to invest in my dogs and that I chose Walking Dog Training.
Mary Healy

Through her 2 week board and train program, Bethany took our rambunctious 8 month old black lab (Knox) that liked to chew everything from blankets to the trim work around our pantry door and turned him into a well behaved boy. We absolutely love and appreciate everything she was able to do with Knox and look forward to reinforcing these behaviors at home. Not to mention now we have a lab that’s not afraid of water anymore! (Thanks Bobby!) 10/10 would recommend her for your training needs!
Teddy DeWitt

When we pictured what having our first dog as a couple would look like, it was effortless, blissful and full of wonderful memories. Well, our experience over the last few years has instead been a stressful, anxiety ridden ride full of saying “sorry…” with our boy, Trooper. Deciding to sign up for Bethany’s Board and Train program was hands down the best and easiest decision we have ever made. Her passion, enthusiasm and expertise shines through daily and she is such a joy to work with! From the start, Bethany was transparent and communicative and we now have the tools to lead a calm, obedient and happy dog. Even after the B&T program ended, she has answered every question or concern, keeping our confidence up when it starts to waver. We would recommend Bethany to anyone who is looking for that amazing relationship with their dog that they have always dreamed of!

Kelsey O'Rawe

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There is light at the end of the tunnel! I’ve seen it! I live it every day!
I can’t wait to help you.


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Central Florida Balanced Dog Trainer

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